Ballpark pricing info:

Now that we're offering e-gift cards, we wanted to give people a ballpark pricing idea. All of our final pricing is based on customized recommendations typically after a free onsite consultation. Services can be performed for less than $150 if combined with another service - minimum charge is typically $150 though exceptions can be made.

Storm window washing: No longer servicing - ask for recommendation.

Window Cleaning: $150-$1,750 (avg. around $350 for interior & exterior)

Pressure Washing: $150-$2,500 (avg. around $425)

Gutter Cleaning: $150-$450 (avg. around $275)

House Washing: $150-$650 (avg. around $375)

Sealant application: $250-$4,000 (avg. around $900)

Our multi-service discounts: (service must be at least $100 to qualify)

2 services = 5% off

3 services = 10% off

4+ services = 15% off

To purchase a gift card, click here:

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